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How Full Spectrum’s support for local community projects and charities makes good business sense

Using Full Spectrum’s resources to support community projects and other charitable initiatives can have a range of business benefits, from improved reputation to staff with better personal and professional skills.

  1. Better staff morale. Allowing employees to spend time out of the workplace lending their skills to causes they value can increase their total job satisfaction and strengthen their attachment to Full Spectrum as a company.(Studies have suggested that people tend to value these kinds of emotional rewards more highly than a big salary).
  2. More skilled employees. Voluntary work can help employees develop a range of useful qualities. Aside from improving specific ‘hard’ skills, such as project management, they can acquire a variety of ‘soft’ skills, such as a stronger sense of responsibility and the capacity to get on with a wider range of people.
  3. Sharper teamwork. Full Spectrum uses community activities to develop team performance. A day spent working together on a conservation project, for example, can allow people to assume different roles, bring shy people to the fore and encourage everyone to work in a more coordinated way.
  4. Enhanced reputation. Being a socially responsible company will increases our reputation with our stakeholders, from customers and employees to neighbours and local authorities. Even the local press are more likely to report positively on our activities.
  5. A stronger local network. Supporting local initiatives generates goodwill and creates good relations with people who can be very helpful (if we need support for a planning application, for example). Our employees might get to know potential customers, suppliers and colleagues, and gain an insider’s perspective on local trends and tastes.
  6. Reduced marketing costs. Generating good press and building relationships within the community creates word-of-mouth recommendations reducing our need to spend on promotional activities.
  7. More efficient recruitment. A good proportion of potential recruits will be more attracted to businesses with a social agenda and volunteering opportunities. They may even approach you directly, saving us money on job advertising and agencies. Our increased connections with the local community might also produce potential recruits without the need to advertise at all.
  8. Increased sales. According to the UK Small Business Consortium, 88 per cent of consumers are more likely to buy from a company that engages in ‘socially responsible’ activities. ‘Cause-related marketing’ – where businesses make a charitable donation for every product sold or estimate requested – is very popular with consumers; and our social (and environmental) credentials also impresses public-sector buyers.
  9. Making Full Spectrum more attractive to investors. Business’ social and environmental credentials are increasingly important in investment decisions. Potential investors are becoming more aware of corporate social responsibility issues, and may ask us for information on how we are addressing them before committing to any investment.
  10. A vibrant local economy. Whether the support we lend is financial, practical or educational, a more vibrant local economy is one of the potential long-term effects of backing community projects and initiatives. It is recognised that small businesses have an important role to play in economic regeneration – and a vibrant local economy presents a range of commercial opportunities for us.

Full Spectrum’s involvements
Backing community projects
Sports kit funding for local teams
Donations to local children’s hospices
Print and materials for local schools
Various charitable donations