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Mailing Services

Mailing Services

At Full Spectrum mailings straight from our premises are not a problem, in fact it makes very good sense

Mailings and Konica Minolta Digital Technology

Full Spectrum uses the latest Konica Minolta 6000 digital technology for our mailings with duplex option enabling us to print out single or double sided letters, mailers and leaflets in multi colour or full colour, the technology allows us to fold, stitch/staple online. Producing a wide range of variable or fixed data items such as postage paid impressions, barcodes, logos, variable text, numbering and many other applications onto a wide range of materials, including envelopes, leaflets, plans, newsletters, paper, postcards and carrier sheets.

Paper enclosing/polywrapping

For all documents that require a C/5 or D/L envelope we use our folder inserter machines. For all mailings to go out in a C4 envelope we call on the services of our expert team of hand compilers, they are also able to carry out any of the more unusual mailings that may require a personal touch. We also provide the service of polywrapping. We understand that there are certain materials such as brochures and magazines that aren’t suited to a paper envelope. Polywrapping can be the solution to this. We will also address the carrier sheets for you.


There are many different options as to how your mail is sent out and each one has it’s own merit, at Full Spectrum we will suggest the best and most cost effective way for your particular job taking into consideration the destination of your mailing (UK, overseas or both) and also the time scale in which you would like your mailing to arrive at it’s destination. Royal Mail pick up from our offices twice daily, you can use our PPI/Docket book or you can supply us with your PPI/Docket book.

Bespoke Services

Full Spectrum know that not all mailings are as straight forward as putting paper into envelopes which is where our team of hand enclosers come into their own. We are able to pack anything from T-shirts to posters to key rings.  You may want to send a leaflet with a business or discount card stuck onto it, this is a task that can’t be done by machine so our team would glue dot each one on by hand. We also offer a folding service so if you want to send a business reply envelope in with your mailing we can fold them prior to fulfilment.  So if it’s ‘unusual’ don’t be afraid to ask, we can accommodate almost anything!

Envelope Supply

Full Spectrum supply the envelopes for your mailings. We can supply C4, C5, C6, DL or if you require something a little bit more bespoke we can help you there as well. They don’t just have to be for a mailing, we can supply envelopes for your day to day office use as well. All envelopes can be supplied plain or with your company logo and return address printed on them.

Envelope Folding

This may seem like a strange service but if you want to send business reply envelopes in a mailing they may need to be folded. This isn’t a problem, we’re equipped to quickly fold DL, C5 and C4 envelopes in half ready for mailing.


Full Spectrum are ISO14001 and FSC. accredited and because all of our design, printing, finishing and mailing is carried out in–house, at one site and over twenty four hours Full Spectrum provides a faster turnaround, better control, one single source invoice, sustainability and value for money.

Please contact your Account Manager for a quotation on 01268 288637.