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Web to Print

Full Spectrum’s ‘Web-to-print’ solution is up to
80% more efficient

Full Spectrum’s Web-to-print solution reduces the manual processes involved in printing.
As average run lengths reduce it is more important than ever to be efficient.
Our ‘Web-to-print’ removes or automates steps such as estimating, pre-press
and administrative communications with customers.
Reducing manual intervention cuts the cost of printing and improves
the profitability of jobs.



Full Spectrum’s ‘Web-to-print’
Efficiency Savings

• Quoting
Avoid job by job quoting. Display agreed pricing with intelligent unit breakpoints and delivery costing.

• PO / Payment Confirmation
Require a purchase order or even a credit card payment at checkout to ensure
the job can be processed without further order administration.

• Artwork Creation
Users create their own artwork from intelligent, brand approved templates or choose finished PDF’s to call off stock.

• Pre-Press
Artwork is automatically press-ready with embedded profiles, bleed, crop and
imposition settings to remove pre-press tasks.

• Order Creation
Users create orders online which can be fully integrated into management
information systems such as Tharstern MIS to minimise manual intervention.

• Job Status Notifications
Automatically updates users as the status of their job moves from printing to delivery.

• Storage & Distribution the Complete Solution
Full Spectrum’s warehousing and printing plant is situated within easy reach of London and the South East and delivers highly efficient printing, finishing, mailing, storage and distribution for both Public and Private sector organisations, advertising and design agencies as well as print management companies throughout the UK.